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Author of: Illuminate-Alive, She Cried....By Jamie Haden

Hello Jamie:  It is a pleasure visiting with you on your wonderful novel that has just come out...

What or who Inspired you to write “Illuminate-Alive, She Cried?”­  

My daughters inspired me to write Illuminate-Alive, She Cried, the second book in The Talisa Santiago Series. A couple years ago, I was doing research on Native Americans in the public library when I asked my oldest daughter to check out a book. She said there was nothing she wanted. I laughed and told her I would write a novel for her to read. Twelve weeks later, I gave her Spirit Seeker.  

  interviewer:  Wow! that is most interesting!
How did you come up with such interesting   characters for   this novel?
The characters in Illuminate-Alive, She Cried are a mix of many different people I have met throughout my life. Talisa Santiago, the protagonist, was definitely the most difficult character for me to write. I had to separate myself from her, let go of my own moral philosophies and beliefs, and allow Talisa to experie…

A Interview with Ms. Leanne Herrera on her book: "MIRROR BOUND"

Hello........... Ms.  Leanne Herrera....

It is a pleasure to visit with you. I  am doing this interview for Great Minds Think Aloud.   I have just finished reading "Mirror Bound" and was very excited about  reading your novel.
May I ask  what or who inspired you to write this novel? My great grandmother I think inspired me. She passed away when I was about 13 years old. She was a wonderful southern woman. I sort of modeled the farm, house and Ma after her. Anna is who I always wanted to be or at least many aspects of her is who I wished I could be. The picture on the front of the book of the little girl, is a picture for a photography class in college. I always thought there was a story that went with it, and I was right.
How did you come up with these wonderful characters? I guess I should read ahead. I power write, so when a character is needed to fill a spot in the book, I would think about what characteristics I wanted this person to have and then I modeled her …