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An Interview featuring Author Karen D. Neal

Welcome..... Author Karen D. Neal....

Karen has had a love for words since she has been able to speak. Her passion began with her competitive classroom spelling Bees. Her love for speaking continued into High school when she placed third in a state public speaking competition for VOCA. Her dad proudly displays the plaque on his wall to this very day. She never saw her passion developing into what she can only describe today as an amazing blessing. Karen has worked in the medical field for 25 plus years and continues to do what she does best, be a support system for others and provide comfort. She has combined her love and passion to create books of entertainment while touching on real life situations. Karen's first title, "Grey Family Preys."
Book Description of  'Grey Family Preys'..... Imagine being around the boogey-man as a very small child, only to find out later, that the same boogey-man seems to still have free reign over you…