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Who Is Arlena Dean Interviewing on this Sunday, May 14, 2017? ... Author Rhenna Morgan

Hello every one... I am here with Rhenna Morgan at the Bixby Library, in Bixby, Oklahoma Rhenna & Arlena

Thank you so very much for sharing with your readers today about yourself and your wonderful novels you have written and actually meeting you has  truly putting the icing on cake for me So, let's get started....

                                                                   Rhenna Morgan

Rhenna...would you please tell us about yourself…what would you like for your readers to know about you?  What are you most thankful for in the world we live in? Where are you from? Where are you living now?  Where would you like to visit in the near future and why?

Wow! So much ground to cover! Well, I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and live a crazy busy, but amazingly blessed life. I’ve got two amazing little girls and a supportive husband, a full-time day job as an IT Product Manager, and a full-time job as a writer. (So, yeah...CRAZY busy.) Honestly, though, I don’t think I’d change a bit of i…