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My Interview with Author Jennifer Latham. December 17, 2017th On Her Novels....Scarlett Undercover and Dreamland Burning

It is a pleasure to have this interview with you.  When I met you back in March of 2017 at Barnes, I knew I would love to have a interview with you for my blog page and now here we are.....on this Sunday, December 17, 2017.  It is quite a privilege and I hope all will read and even send back comments if you would like below on this wonderful interview. So, here we go......

Hello Jennifer would you please tell us about yourself…what would you like for your readers to know about you, Jennifer Latham? 

I’m an Army brat by birth and a Tulsan by choice!

Growing up, I hit the trifecta of being nerdy, chubby, and introverted. Add that in on top of my family’s frequent moves, and you can see why books ended up being my best friends. I didn’t really find my feet socially until college, where I was lucky enough to make friends who didn’t live on shelves. I also spent a wonderful year living in Spain, and—right at the last minute—met my husband. That was…well, let’s just say that was a lot of years ago. Then, while he was in graduate school in Rhode Island, I decided to get my Masters in Psychology and go to work in schools. I loved being around kids all day, middle-schoolers in particular. But after I had some pretty serious health issues and we moved to Oklahoma for my husband’s job, I threw myself into raising our two amazing daughters. Once they were in school, though, I decided to give myself a year to write a book. If it worked, I’d focus on living my childhood dream of being an author. If it didn’t, I’d go back to being a school psychologist. As it turned out, I did write that book. And while it never sold, finishing it gave me the confidence to keep going and write another. Unfortunately, that one didn’t sell either. But the third time was the charm; Little, Brown Books for Young Readers published Scarlett Undercover, and I’m still writing today.

Where would you like to visit in the near future and why?

I’d love to visit the Japanese countryside. It looks so lush and peaceful there.

What are you most thankful for in the world we live in today?

Without a doubt, my husband and my amazing daughters.

Give us a example of a day in the 'Life of Author Jennifer Latham' … [Example] on a bright and early Monday. What would we find you doing on that day?   Now, Jennifer you may choose any day of the week…I just choose Monday as an example.

When I’m working on a book, I’m usually up by 6am to read what I wrote the day before. Then I get the kids off to school and head back to work. Sometime before I have to pick my younger daughter up, I try to walk or go to the gym. Then, once she’s home, I run my errands and get dinner going. I’m usually pretty brain-dead by the evening, though some nights I squeeze in a bit more work. Otherwise, I’m all about zoning out in front of the tube.

How did  you come up with your hero/heroine that you write about in your novels? Are these taken from people you know?

I don’t base characters on people I know, and I don’t just invent them on the spot. I usually write my way into them, exploring who they are through writes and re-writes.

What is your process when you are preparing to write a novel?

Research. Lots of research!

How long does it generally take you to complete [write] your novel[s]?

For historicals, I spend on to two years doing research, letting my story evolve organically from what I learn. In the case of Dreamland Burning, though, the research process lasted nearly two and a half years. In terms of writing, it takes me nine months to a year to finish a first draft. After that, there’s still a year or two of re-writing and revising left to go!

Jennifer, could I get you to list all of your books you are author of.... in order that you wrote them and the year that each one was published and may I also have the genres? Are they available on Kindle format and/or paperbacks?  I have added your novels… Please add publication, genre…Kindle/paperback information.  Please change anything that isn't correct.  Add more if necessary.  Thanks!


       Scarlett Undercover
       Young Adult
       2015, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
       Available in hardcover, paperback, and all digital platforms

Dreamland Burning

All Ages
Historical mystery
2017, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Available in hardcover and all digital platforms. Paperbacks available 2/21/18, Audiobook available 2/21/18

Are you working on anything new at this time, if so could you share a little with us?

I am! It’s another historical, set on the U.S. home front during World War II. And though I can’t give away many details yet, I think that anyone who enjoyed Dreamland Burning will enjoy this one.

What genres do you generally write for your readers? 

Historical fiction and mysteries.

Which of your novels above would you consider your favorite and why?

Dreamland Burning is my favorite. I poured my heart into researching and writing the story, and the message behind it—that there’s still a lot of work to be done if we’re going to overcome racism and heal the hateful division in our country–is something I care about very much.

What genres do you love to read and what books would we find stacked on your book shelf or on your  readers?

I love historical fiction and mysteries! I’m especially partial to hardboiled detectives, and every once in a while I’ll throw in a little horror for fun.

Do you have a favorite author [beside yourself] smile and why?

Katherine Paterson. Her book, Jacob Have I Loved, is what inspired me to become a writer myself.

Have you ever tried writing poetry, if so what were they about?  Share if you would like.

Nope. I’m not much of a poet.

Have you ever thought about doing audio for your novels?

Since my publisher holds the audio copyright for both my books, I can’t record them myself. But I’m so excited that Dreamland Burning’s audio book is being made right now and will be available this February.

Do you have a blog page, if so where can we find it and what will be find on it?

I don’t have a blog, just a really outdated website that I need to fix up! It’s

Are you a self-publisher?  If so, what was that process like?

I went the old-fashioned route.

After the reader has read one of your novels what would you like the readers to take from your novel long after the read?

First, I hope teens and adults will finish the book and think to themselves, “That was a good read.” But at a deeper level, I’d love for Will and Rowan’s fictional stories to spark enough interest in readers to make them learn more about the Tulsa race riot on their own. I want them to find the stories of those survivors I saw on the walls of the Greenwood Cultural Center, and I want them to listen. Because those stories are the real deal. They’re history. They’re important. And they need to be heard.

What message would you have for an aspiring new author?

Writing is a lot harder than it seems, but if you really want it, you can make it happen. Just get your butt in a chair (or a couch, or a bed, or whatever) and get those words on the page!

What was the most difficult aspect of writing your novels? Have any problem with writer’s block?

I think one thing all writers share is a willingness to sit down and work, even when they don’t feel inspired and they’d rather be surfing the web or reading a book or going for a walk or even (on really bad days) just staring at a wall! The only cure for writers’ block is to write.

After reading reviews from your readers about your novels, how have there reviews helped you in the writing of your novels? 

I really appreciate the work reviewers put into what they do, but I find that if I spend to much time reading what people think about my work, I have a hard time getting back on track to work more!

How much, if any, of what you write is based on your own
personal/real life experiences?

The events in my books are nearly all made up, but of course things I’ve actually experienced sneak their way in.

Do you write while listening to music ...if so....who may we find you listening to?

Lately, I’ve started writing with earplugs in because it helps me concentrate. But sometimes, when I’m revising, I’ll listen to the kind of music my characters would like. For Dreamland Burning, that meant songs from 1921.

Where is your favorite place you like to read?  

The comfy chair next to my bed.

Have you ever just walked away and not finished a story that you cannot get a hold of the storyline the way you would like?  If so what was that process like?

I sure have, and other than not opening that file on my computer anymore, there’s really not much of a process. Of course, there are some ideas I keep chewing on and will come back to later. Others are just DOA, and I leave them be with no regrets.

Do you belong to any 'Book Clubs?' If so, what are they?

I don’t belong to any book clubs.

Have you ever thought about co-authoring with another author?

Hmm…I don’t think anyone could put up with me!

What may the reader find you doing when you are not writing your novels?  Any hobbies?

I love cooking, swimming and knitting. And I’m a big fan of walking. Taking my dogs out for an hour or so is the best way I know to work through tricky plot issues!

Jennifer,  where can we follow you?

My terrible website is, and I’m @jenandapen on Twitter and Instagram. On Facebook, I’m JenniferLathamWrites.

From  your novel…"Dreamland Burning" ….Would you give us an excerpt from  your novel?………

I can do better than that! There’s an extended preview available at:

Thank you so much for having me on your blog, Arlena!

Jennifer it was a pleasure.  Here is a photo of you with your  novel...Dreamland Burning [in Barnes] and signing my copy. 
I also did a Book Review of your novel which can be found at Arlena's Book Reviews...  Please feel free to look it up and see just what I thought of this good read.  

 I hope all have enjoyed this interview and I would like to end this by saying  Merry Christmas to you this December, 2017.



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  2. Jennifer it was a pleasure to have this interview with you. I hope all will take a look at your wonderful novels.


My Interview with Author Jennifer Latham. December 17, 2017th On Her Novels....Scarlett Undercover and Dreamland Burning

It is a pleasure to have this interview with you.  When I met you back in March of 2017 at Barnes, I knew I would love to have a interview ...