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Interviewing..."Right Before My Eyes" with Author Michelle Robinson

HELLO MICHELLE: IT IS WONDERFUL MEETING YOU AND VISITING WITH YOU ABOUT YOUR NOVEL:  'Right Before My Eyes' Michelle tell us something about yourself, where you’re base  and how you came to be a writer?      I love music. I am God fearing. Compassionate. A humanitarian, an artist, a hairstylist, & a dreamer. I am in the Bay Area. Oakland, Ca. I've been writing poetry since junior high so that paved the way to writing a novel. I must say you did a wonderful job with this novel! How would you describe your novel...”Right Before My Eyes?”  A page turner that weaved many stories into one great read! Indeed it was! How did you come up with these characters? and/or....    Do you have a method for creating your characters...their names and what
                           do you think makes them so believable? I guess Golden Girls and Sex and the City has set the pace of the 4 friends concept. I just added a male friend to the story. I want these girls to have t…