Saturday, October 13, 2012

Interviewing..."Right Before My Eyes" with Author Michelle Robinson

NOVEL:  'Right Before My Eyes'
Michelle tell us something about yourself, where you’re base  and how you came to be a writer?  
   I love music. I am God fearing. Compassionate. A humanitarian, an artist, a hairstylist, & a dreamer. I am in the Bay Area. Oakland, Ca. I've been writing poetry since junior high so that paved the way to writing a novel.
I must say you did a wonderful job with this novel!
How would you describe your novel...”Right Before My Eyes?”
 A page turner that weaved many stories into one great read!
Indeed it was!
How did you come up with these characters? and/or....
   Do you have a method for creating your characters...their names and what
                           do you think makes them so believable?
I guess Golden Girls and Sex and the City has set the pace of the 4 friends concept. I just added a male friend to the story. I want these girls to have that male point of view on relationships. Their characters are believable because there's so much emotion in them, you can't help but to let them touch you in some way or another.
        Did you plot your story or did you just get a idea and run with it?
I started by plotting my story & often times I would get an idea and run with that. I've had to change people's gender and their names. For instance, Najah's name was Natalie and Kalena's name was Helena at first. Jordyn was actually gonna be a boy twin until I got another idea. Then I had to change his name from Jordan to Jordyn.
Now the big question .....Will there be a sequel to “Right Before My Eyes......part 2?          Yes! I'm writing it right now!
                        What does ‘Love’ really mean to Michelle"?

                                      Love means action.
It's a verb not a noun. It means you're comfortable enough to let your guards down and vulnerable enough to trust and respect that special someone. You adore them for who they are and their happiness is more important than your pride.
                                        WOW!  I love that!

Tell us a little about your family...married, children, education .... I am engaged and have a stepson. I went to college, didn't graduate because I decided to go to cosmetology school.
            From your novel I picked up a few of your favorite words....
         How would you describe the words as referred to in your novel:

           crankberry, divas, nicca and music.  

Crackberry is the comparsion to crack. Journee had an addiction to her Blackberry cellphone. It's always in her hands. Divas is a friend who has herself together. Nicca is a another name for "nigga", it just looks better. Music is the the medicine for your emotions. It fills your soul and sets your mood.

                       How would you rate your novel and why?

On a scale of 1-10, I'd say a 10. It's a page turner, you can feel the spirit of the characters and each one of them have a beginning and an ending to their story.
         What gender would you love for your novel to attract and why?
            Male, only because they don't read as much as women do.

Some writers like quiet, other the noise of a coffee shop etc. Do you listen to music or have noise around when you write or do you need silence?
                                 I perfer to write in silence.

                              Michelle what do you like to read?

 The Bible, self help, fiction, autobiographies, gossip magazines and fashion magazines.
What are you working on at the moment or next?  Do you manage to write                                             everyday?

     Right Before My Eyes II.   No, I take a day out of the week to write.
Michelle could we have your favorite excerpt from “Right Before My Eyes.” This can be as short/long as you wish. There are too many, but what comes to mind is when Journee finally allowed Drew to apologize to her when she and the divas went to visit him. He fought to get her back and fed her heart what it needed, God's example of love. Drew said, "Build up your walls of your spiritual Jerusalem. Your peace is there 'cause God is there with you." I liked how she noticed that she got her encouragement from her 1st love that was in jail for something he didn't do and he unselfishly gave her the love she needed at that time when she needed cause he needed her too.
             WOW!  I LIKED THAT ONE TOO!
                  What is on the agenda for Michelle....2013-2014?

The sequel will come out in 2013 and hopefully working on a movie afterwards.
                             WE WILL BE LOOKING FOR IT!
     Michelle where can we find out about you and your work? (email address)          blogs.... etc.. Visit ....

                                  From Michelle .... 

   To my readers, I am grateful for you. Please inspire someone new.
Thank you Michelle for this interview...For any of you who haven't picked up "Right Before Yours Eyes"  please do so.  You will not be sorry!
                          Thanks again Michelle!!!!

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