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My Interview With Author Shani Greene-Dowdell ...11-23-15

Welcome Author Shani Greene-Dowdell

Thank you so very much for sharing with us today about yourself and your wonderful novels you have written  Author Shani Greene-Dowdell will be giving away to three of her readers a free read of any of her novels of your choice.  To find out how to receive  this offer please continue to read and follow the instructions below.


Hello Shani, would you please tell us about yourself…what would you like for your readers can to know?

I was born and raised in the small city of Tuskegee, Alabama, and I currently live in Opelika, Alabama, which is only about thirty miles away from my hometown. I am most thankful for the time that I spend with my adult children who are rapidly moving on with their lives. Yeah, I believe the empty nest syndrome is kicking in for me and I don’t like it one bit! In the near future, I would love to visit the Gulf Coast to sit on the beach and enjoy the last few days of warm weather.

How was life growing up and how did it affect your writing? 

Some of the earliest days I remember is the time when I lived in the Water Street Projects in Tuskegee. I used to have so much fun navigating those streets, even though there were several people that I was scared of, lol. I grew up fast in order to help take care of my siblings, because my mother worked a lot. Unlike children today, we didn’t have a lot of games and activities, so we had to be creative. I’m sure this helped build the creativity I have when writing.  

How do you come up with your hero/heroine that you write about in your novels?

The concept for every story I write develops from a single idea. It could be something as simple as a poem or song that I hear. While listening to it, I may imagine a couple together and their life’s dilemma, or a man who has certain mannerisms. I will take that thought and build until I have an outline for a story.

What do you think about standalone reads as compared to series of your novels?

I used to write standalones, where the reader could pick up any book out of a series and read it and have enough background information to enjoy the novel. However, the series that I write now are serials that should be read in sequence. I prefer to write series, so that when readers fall in love with a story it doesn’t have to end in one book.

When did you know that you wanted to become an author? What motivated you to become a writer?

When I fell in love with romance novels in 2003. I thought about how phenomenal it would be if I could create a story like the ones I was reading. After being challenged by a friend to start my first novel, I started writing and couldn’t stop.

What is your process when preparing to write a novel? 

I chose the title first. Then, I build on the concept by drafting an outline with chapter summaries. Then, I start filling it in chapter by chapter.

How long does it generally take you to write your novels?

The actual writing can take as little as one week if the book is flowing and I have few distractions.

Do you create your book covers or do you have help with them?  They all are simply all beautiful!

Thank you, and I wish I could design covers! I take that back, I did design the cover for Keepin’ It Tight, the e-book version. All of my covers are purchased from designers. I would shout them all out but I’ll surely forget someone.

Now, could I get you to list all of your books you are author of.... in order that you wrote them and the year that each one was published and may I also have the genres? Are they on Kindle format or paperbacks?

     Name of Novel

Date of Publication




Keepin’ It Tight

May 27, 2007

AA Romance



Mocha Chocolate: Taste a Piece of Ecstasy

March 29, 2008




Secrets of a Kept Woman

September 8, 2009

Women’s Fiction



Mocha Chocolate: Escapades of Passion

July 29, 2010




Savor: The Longest Night

March 27, 2013




Secrets of a Kept Woman 2

April 29, 2014

Women’s Fiction



The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

November 19, 2014

Christmas Romance Anthology (Short Stories)




January 8, 2015

Multicultural Romance



Secrets of a Kept Woman 3

February 23, 2015

Women’s Fiction



Breathless 2

March 5, 2015

Multicultural Romance



Breathless 3

July 6, 2015

Multicultural Romance



The Billionaire Wives Club

October 9, 2015

Multicultural Romance/Women’s Fiction


Coming soon to Paperback.

 **** New Novel by the Author Shani****

The Billionaire Wives Club 2: A BWWM Romance Tuesday,  December 9, 2015 


Do you have a co-author that you write/or work with?  
I have collaborated with Theresa Hodge on The Billionaire Wives Club series. After editing some of her work and her helping me with scenes in the Breathless series, we realized that we were pen twins, so we challenged ourselves to write a novel together. That was the beginnings of our collaboration for The Billionaire Wives Club.

Do you have a favorite romance author [beside you] smile?

Yes, I love Darrien Lee’s writing style and the eroticism she includes within a great storyline. I also am a recent fan of DJ Parker’s multicultural romance series.

NOW, which novel above would you consider your favorite and why?

I would have to say Breathless, part 1, is my favorite. While I love the entire series, part 1 banged with the love scenes, emotional turmoil and a cliffhanger that left everyone in suspense.

Have you ever tried writing poetry?

Yes, I have a few pieces J

What would you like the readers to take from your novels?

I will just insert a quote here, “Don’t get upset because it’s over, smile because it happened.” If my readers can smile and repeat this quote and feel good about it after reading one of my novels then I’m one happy writer.  

What message do you have for an aspiring author?

Never underestimate the power of the rewrite. Rewrite. Rewrite. Rewrite. You may think that you have a polished manuscript, but if it’s your first time out the gate and you haven’t reread and rewrote it it at least 30 times then you have more work to do. Hey…thirty rewrites might not be the case for everyone, but I suggest you come close to it.


What was the most difficult aspect of writing your novels?

Life gets in the way. Finding time to actually sit and write in peace and quiet is a challenge.

After reading reviews of your novels, how have your reviews helped you after reading them?

Whoa, reviews! Let me just say that some of my reviews have whipped me into shape and I appreciate the constructive criticism so much. While other reviewers have left me wondering if they need a hug after reading my books. I kid, but I’m thankful for all of my readers. Every writer hates getting bad reviews, but sometimes it’s those reviews that help you get right the next time. For instance, when I read that some readers thought Jacob wasn’t alpha enough in book 1 of Breathless, I strengthened his character in book 2.  

How much, if any, of what you write is based on your personal/real life experiences?

I’d have to say that in some way, every book I write draws from my experiences. Every character has a part of me living within them, whether big or small. The Secrets of a Kept Woman series actually drew out some of my childhood pain, which became the backstory for Rhonda’s character.

Do you write while listening to music ...if so....who may we find you listening to?

I like to write in total and complete silence, so I can channel in to what the characters are saying and doing.

Have you ever just walked away and not finished a story if you cannot get a hold of the storyline the way you like?


What's next for you?

Complete The Billionaire Wives series and I’m excited about working on a one-book spinoff of Breathless that will be Montie’s story.

Do you belong to any 'Book Clubs?' other than Arlena's Reading with Friends Book Club [smile]. If so would you like to share it with us?

SBS Book Club in Columbus, Georgia.

What may the reader find you doing when you are not writing your novels?

I became a grandmother this year and my two grandsons fill my heart with so much joy, so you would probably find me somewhere being goofy for smiles from my boys.

Where can we follow you?

      Excerpt from Secrets of a Kept Woman 3

“Wait a minute!” Antonio said as he angrily tossed the DNA papers to the ground. “This can’t be right. I am not that child’s father!”

Antonio could do all of the arguing and fussing that he wanted to do, but according to the State of Georgia, Rhonda’s child carried his DNA. While he stood in front of me fuming, I stood quiet and emotionless with my arms flaccid to my sides. It was as if I couldn’t think, move or act. “Numbers don’t lie,” I told him, disappointed in both him and the results.

“I am not that child’s father,” he said, standing beside the mailbox in the spot where I had screamed to the top of my lungs when I opened the letter.

Numb, I walked to the porch in a trance. “Whatever you do Antonio, don’t try to make a fool out of me,” I warned.  “Those numbers say there is a ninety nine point nine percent chance you are the father of Rhonda’s child,” I added solemnly.

“That isn’t my baby! Shayla, you have to believe me,” Antonio said, as part of his Hispanic roots permeated into his English as he spoke. 

“Save it, Antonio!” I said to the man I loved, the man I married and thought I would cherish for the rest of my life.

“The test must be a false positive or something, honey. I never slept with Rhonda.”

“Oh, how I want to believe you. I want to be able to trust you, Antonio.”

“Just do it. Trust me, with all your heart. Trust the man you married and know that I would never do a thing like this.” He placed a hand on both of my shoulders and turned me to face him. “This woman has been nothing but a thorn in your side. Don’t let her win. We have to stick together until we get this figured out.”

I went into the house, completely annoyed by the entire ordeal. Standing in the kitchen looking at the DNA letter, I glared at Antonio. “I don’t see how you can deny this.”

“It looks like I am guilty of cheating on you, I know this. The evidence is stacked against me, but I need you to believe in me for a minute. When I say…” Antonio walked over to me and turned my face toward him. “…when I say I did not have sex with Rhonda, it is the truth. I mean think about it. I didn’t even know what city she or Titus were living in, much less how to contact her. Think back nine months ago. Think back night by night. I was here. With you. As long as we have been married, I have never been out of pocket.”

Logically, what he said made sense. “But, the DNA test…”

“Is a lie,” Antonio finished my sentence.

I wanted to believe him, but the last man I trusted was indeed having an affair with Rhonda. My buzzing cell phone gave me a much needed out. “I have to answer that,” I said, picking my cell phone up and walking away. “Hello.”

“Hi, Shayla. This is Mrs. Jackson.”

“Oh, hi Mrs. Jackson.” I was surprised to get a call, at this moment, from Rhonda’s mother. “What up?”

“I know my daughter has put you through a lot this past week. That is why I’m calling. There is more to the story.”

“The DNA papers came in the mail today,” I told Mrs. Jackson.

“About that, I was at Rhonda’s apartment this morning helping her take care of the baby when I overheard her talking to a lady named Chandra from the Forge Sperm Bank.”

“Why would Rhonda be talking to someone from a sperm bank?” Shayla asked.

“She asked Chandra if anyone found out about some missing sperm. They were also talking about how to get child support. I pieced together the conversation and figured out that she got Antonio’s sperm from Forge.”

“Thanks for that, Mrs. Jackson,” I said ending the call in shock. “Shut the front and back door!”

“What did she say? What are Rhonda and her mother up to now?”

“Have you ever given sperm to a sperm bank named Forge?”

“No…well yeah, but that was back in my younger days when I needed cash for school. What does that have to do with…?” Antonio paused as the reality of what I asked hit him. 

“Mrs. Jackson thinks it’s possible Rhonda got your sperm from Forge.”

We stared at each other for the longest time in shock. “How could that happen?” Antonio asked.

“She knew someone who worked there. They must have given it to her,” I said looking at him regretfully.

“This is un-freaking-believable baby. How did she know I had sperm there? Why would she do something so crazy?” Antonio asked, as his mind took in all the possibilities.  

“I do not know,” I said as I looked at Antonio with regret. “I’m so sorry for doubting you when I should have been on your side.”

“I would be upset with you, but I am not sure I would have reacted any differently if DNA showed Tyler to be another man’s son. The worst part of this is that I have to live knowing she has a part of me in her child and that she plans to use that against you.”

I felt so betrayed. “I wanted things to be different with Rhonda this time. I prayed she had changed."


        Prize Giveaway from Author Shani Greene-Dowdell

I will give away a free book to 3 of my readers, your choice paperback or Kindle version. You can choose either of Shani’s published books. How can you win a book? Glad you asked! You, the reader, must leave the answer to this question: “How many book series has Author Shani Greene-Dowdell completed?"  

Please leave your name, your email, the answer, along with the name of the novel you would like to read  below in the comment area and Shani author will choose from the list and let you know if you were picked. 

All answers should be complete with all information above by Wednesday, December 30, 2015.  This is when the author will pick three winners and email you letting you know you won one of her novels.  [This date has been extended from December 14th.... two more weeks] by the author.

Thank you, thank you Shani for sharing with us.  Your novels are truly a work of art with lovely book covers and so beautifully well written.  I am proud to say I have read all of Ms. Shani's novels and I highly recommend them to all readers to will pick up her novels and see for yourself how well they are presented to the readers.  

To see all my reviews please check out my blog page under this author's name [Shani Greene-Dowdell]. Here is my blog page: Arlena's Book Reviews


and Happy Reading!

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