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It's May 11, 2014, and I Am Interviewing Author J.A. Schneider On Her Embryo Series...

Author J.A. Schneider
Hello Joyce....Thank you so very much for granting  me this wonderful interview of your wonderful   novels...Embryo 1, 2 & 3 which are full of  'mystery, thrillers and science fiction reads.'

What or who inspired you to write  your wonderful novels:  Embryo's 1, 2, and 3?
The idea for the first EMBRYO came like a lightening bolt when hearing a conversation between my husband (who did OB before switching to Cardiology), and an Ob/Gyn friend who was excited about IVF and its advances in curing diseases in utero. As an author who had already published fiction and non-fiction, I thought about all human discoveries - from fire to atomic energy - and the fact that they can be either good or very bad if they fall into the wrong hands. It was a thought that wouldn't let go. Embryo’s storyline led to more questions; i.e. Okay, what happens NEXT. The two sequels were inevitable consequences of the events in Embryo.

How would you describe your  no…